Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Road Trip Journal and National Park Passport

To enable some typography within the project I can use some notes and thoughts upon the trip within the designs. Ideas about the Journal over all look, I like the idea of a sketchy/collage front of my road trip diary, however at a later date I can make decisions upon it, with initial idea layouts ect.

The National Park Visitor stamps really work well on their own however trying to incorporate them within a style like Robert Frank for example post cards he received with the postage stamp and it has made a journey from one place to another. Which I am trying to explore with this idea of a road trip. 

 Looking at the layout of the National Park Passport its really boring, almost school geography book. It doesn't have the aesthetics that would get people reading or viewing it for long.  
I picked up loads of material that I can embrace with the photographs which hopefully will look good together with a lot of development to finalise layouts.  

 I decided today to think about how I can approach this Idea of an Artist book/journal. I can see layering of imagery and paper texture could work really well as overall design. Linking back to Franks its all in black and white - tried this with this buy printing it out and scanning it back in to see the effects, I think this could work, however I did print it out on draft black and white which the print lost it tone within the photograph underneath. This is something I experiment with most designs. 
The work by Lynne Perrella she has used lots of colours and different layering effects with paint and her hand made type stencils, for an experimental purposes I am going to try pages similar to her work. 
I can see the photocopier working within this project to gain different ways of  placing work upon the pace. 

Monday, 14 March 2011

subject to change

(Bear Productions)
So here it is.......The kitchen utensils double page spread. Sorry I didn't include a dashed line to indicate the fold line.
I feel it needs a back ground, the white is far over powering. It almost needs a stain or light shade of colour, the white doesn't look right. Some of the layout I can see needs changing about but this gives the group an idea. I think the proportions need to be correcting, however a lot of negative space could occur, over the next couple of days I shall play around with the layout and sizing of equipment.

Would appreciate some feed back where it needs improving, thanks guys.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Obama Cut

Creating a stencil within Photoshop. To explain this process I am using the Print Screen shots I took throughout the making of the stencil. This way its easier to see what I've done.
First of all I got the image of Barack Obama. Then deleting the back ground using the 'Magic Eraser Tool' I deleted the background. After that I went to Image - Adjustments - 'Brightness/Contrast'. I put the brightness up and contrast until the shadows upon the face were apparent. I then went again Image - Mode - Grayscale. Once I did that I then increased the 'Brightness/Contrast' So more shadows were formed, I did this to make it easier later on when created the stencil. 

I almost forgot once the image has turned into grayscale, I then created a new layer upon the image. This helped me to see if the stencil was becoming life like or not. I then began to use the 'Paint Brush' to hight light the main features of Obama. I found it easier to highlight the area using the 'Paint Brush', then when I wanted to fill the gap I used 'Bucket Tool'. This made it quicker. 
Working upon the photograph on a different layer makes it easier to see what part of the face needs highlighting. I found after a certain point it came down to trail and error, hiding the photography so the black outline layer was only viewable, made it easier to see what worked and what didn't. 

This is final stencil ready to be printed out and stuck onto cardboard, then cut. This process is good because you don't have to use spray paint or go out and pay spray paint, you still get the same outcome, yet you don't get the same effect. For example I got overspray and texture within the paint has an aesthetic look it to it.

Heres the stencil I cut out and sprayed. I decided to mask the tie off on the stencil so I could get a red tie, just so it separated the black and white. Just spraying it one colour makes it flat but adding a small part of colour changes it. 

Creating this portrait of Obama it made me think of Mount Rushmore, When I was there I thought why haven't they added more presidents to the monument. Obama is the first African American to be the President so he could go on there? 
Mount Rushmore has given me an idea about the last four well known Presidents and how I could incorporate them into a monument however I cannot really see this working. The four could be JFK, Clinton, Bush and Obama.

This photo was taken by me on the road trip. This idea of the road trip, its not just the British that go around these iconic parts of America, Americans also enjoy driving for hours on end to get to National Parks and other destinations. I've got so many photos from America I really want to use them within this American Project, it would be a shame not to.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recreating The Spade Suit

I decided to create a heart with a dagger because of the information I have been reading about the Spade suit. Some fortune tellers seem to think the Spade is related to death, the bad luck card. In the Vietnam the US marines used to place the cards upon the dead to warn/scare the enemies, almost psychological warfare.
I created this like this to resemble a dagger in a heart, which I found within research that some people think the Spade suit is that however I also found that it could mean a dead leaf.  The black resembling the leaf being dead or the heart with no life.

I found some images of the human heart and began sketch it out in a similar shape as the Spade suit, once I had sketched it out with a pencil I went around the outline with a black pen. I left it as that so I could scan it into Photoshop and make it bigger or develop it later on. I made it bigger in Photoshop so it filled more of the page, printed it out and drew a dagger behind the heart. Using black ink and straw I created the black splash. which resembles blood. Using a paint bush and ink I started to create a really basic shadow around the heart and veins upon the heart. After all the ink had dried, I used the tea bag from the tea I just made and rubbed it all over the other side of the page. Once that was done, placing it under the grill to dry the paper out and to give it that ripple effect. I decided there wasn't enough staining, slow I carefully added tea marks on the ink side which produced the design in the right image.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Knife Cut World

I created this just for an initial idea really, the next step is to then cut an aeroplane that sits over the top of Green Land. I don't know wether to add a dash/dotted line to show where this plane is flying to or add a star to the final destination, these are developments that I am going to consider.
The man reason for this idea is to show the connection I have with America and My sister being over there. This has made me think about the direction of project I could go in: I recently went to America in the summer on a road trip with my family around a few states and national parks and I gained some pretty cool photography, which would be shame not to include within this project. A quote from Holly's Father in law "Why would I go to England?, I haven't seen all of America yet." This was just before they got married in England.

Trip To America

The trip to America with my sister Holly wasn't intended, it was more of a last minute decision between the family.
Whilst being over there I tried to gather enough material to use within the American project. The weather was all over the place as it always is in February and March, going around town to get some gritty photography was difficult, it was either grey and dark or rain, sleet and snow pretty much all the weather under sun I experienced in one week of being there.
Going around Warrensburg to try and capture some of the down town area (it's not all like this around here) I tried to find random objects and buildings that looked worn down. I don't know why I did this but it seemed right,  it maybe down to films and how it portrays America? When i first went to America I thought it was going to be like in the films, glamourised and pretty, don't get me wrong there are places like that, however some areas aren't that pretty or even nice to be in. This is why I tried to find some broken and graffiti areas to take photographs.

I found this down an alley and I couldn't help not to take photo of it, I think it works because its unexpected and hiding. The person that crated it almost didn't want you to discovery it. The way the robot has been stuck within the box almost gives it a frame, which I think works rather nicely.  

Being a small town I was surprised by the amount of graffiti about, I don't know why but I was drawn to this door with stickers and what appears to be a tag. I took a photo of the section of the door because I thought it looked better in a design look, there was almost too much going on, however cropping the images to this section works really well. The lines within the door frame and cladding makes a boring piece look better presented.

These are some of photos I took on a walk around Warrensburg, I could add more but the photos uploaded I feel were the strongest. I don't know why but the electric meters look really nice, the grid format could possibly be the reason why it works as a photo. The graffiti really separates the left from the right meters. The image reminds me of machinery around an industrial work place. 
The ice formed upon the middle photograph was amazing. The meter was covered in ice, I guess this shows how cold it got whilst I was over there. 
The third photograph above has human characteristics, I don't know if you can see it? The abstract forms within this image works with the snow, almost highlights areas that if the snow wasn't there the photograph wouldn't work.

These are 2 pages from the research journal. I decided to write about my flight from Heathrow to Newark, Newark to Kansas City. I also used material that I could get my hands on in Holly and Chad's house, the only problem was there wasn't much material so I was restricted. I found collaging labels and envelopes together produce designs. This way of working was inspired by the book 

All Messed Up: Unpredictable Graphics by Anna Gerber