Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Knife Cut World

I created this just for an initial idea really, the next step is to then cut an aeroplane that sits over the top of Green Land. I don't know wether to add a dash/dotted line to show where this plane is flying to or add a star to the final destination, these are developments that I am going to consider.
The man reason for this idea is to show the connection I have with America and My sister being over there. This has made me think about the direction of project I could go in: I recently went to America in the summer on a road trip with my family around a few states and national parks and I gained some pretty cool photography, which would be shame not to include within this project. A quote from Holly's Father in law "Why would I go to England?, I haven't seen all of America yet." This was just before they got married in England.

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