Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Obama Cut

Creating a stencil within Photoshop. To explain this process I am using the Print Screen shots I took throughout the making of the stencil. This way its easier to see what I've done.
First of all I got the image of Barack Obama. Then deleting the back ground using the 'Magic Eraser Tool' I deleted the background. After that I went to Image - Adjustments - 'Brightness/Contrast'. I put the brightness up and contrast until the shadows upon the face were apparent. I then went again Image - Mode - Grayscale. Once I did that I then increased the 'Brightness/Contrast' So more shadows were formed, I did this to make it easier later on when created the stencil. 

I almost forgot once the image has turned into grayscale, I then created a new layer upon the image. This helped me to see if the stencil was becoming life like or not. I then began to use the 'Paint Brush' to hight light the main features of Obama. I found it easier to highlight the area using the 'Paint Brush', then when I wanted to fill the gap I used 'Bucket Tool'. This made it quicker. 
Working upon the photograph on a different layer makes it easier to see what part of the face needs highlighting. I found after a certain point it came down to trail and error, hiding the photography so the black outline layer was only viewable, made it easier to see what worked and what didn't. 

This is final stencil ready to be printed out and stuck onto cardboard, then cut. This process is good because you don't have to use spray paint or go out and pay spray paint, you still get the same outcome, yet you don't get the same effect. For example I got overspray and texture within the paint has an aesthetic look it to it.

Heres the stencil I cut out and sprayed. I decided to mask the tie off on the stencil so I could get a red tie, just so it separated the black and white. Just spraying it one colour makes it flat but adding a small part of colour changes it. 

Creating this portrait of Obama it made me think of Mount Rushmore, When I was there I thought why haven't they added more presidents to the monument. Obama is the first African American to be the President so he could go on there? 
Mount Rushmore has given me an idea about the last four well known Presidents and how I could incorporate them into a monument however I cannot really see this working. The four could be JFK, Clinton, Bush and Obama.

This photo was taken by me on the road trip. This idea of the road trip, its not just the British that go around these iconic parts of America, Americans also enjoy driving for hours on end to get to National Parks and other destinations. I've got so many photos from America I really want to use them within this American Project, it would be a shame not to.


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  1. wow, if you hadn't showed the steps i wouldn't no how you done it, thats an really effective image. but what does it mean? are you going to put text around it? looking good though.