Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recreating The Spade Suit

I decided to create a heart with a dagger because of the information I have been reading about the Spade suit. Some fortune tellers seem to think the Spade is related to death, the bad luck card. In the Vietnam the US marines used to place the cards upon the dead to warn/scare the enemies, almost psychological warfare.
I created this like this to resemble a dagger in a heart, which I found within research that some people think the Spade suit is that however I also found that it could mean a dead leaf.  The black resembling the leaf being dead or the heart with no life.

I found some images of the human heart and began sketch it out in a similar shape as the Spade suit, once I had sketched it out with a pencil I went around the outline with a black pen. I left it as that so I could scan it into Photoshop and make it bigger or develop it later on. I made it bigger in Photoshop so it filled more of the page, printed it out and drew a dagger behind the heart. Using black ink and straw I created the black splash. which resembles blood. Using a paint bush and ink I started to create a really basic shadow around the heart and veins upon the heart. After all the ink had dried, I used the tea bag from the tea I just made and rubbed it all over the other side of the page. Once that was done, placing it under the grill to dry the paper out and to give it that ripple effect. I decided there wasn't enough staining, slow I carefully added tea marks on the ink side which produced the design in the right image.

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