Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Road Trip Journal and National Park Passport

To enable some typography within the project I can use some notes and thoughts upon the trip within the designs. Ideas about the Journal over all look, I like the idea of a sketchy/collage front of my road trip diary, however at a later date I can make decisions upon it, with initial idea layouts ect.

The National Park Visitor stamps really work well on their own however trying to incorporate them within a style like Robert Frank for example post cards he received with the postage stamp and it has made a journey from one place to another. Which I am trying to explore with this idea of a road trip. 

 Looking at the layout of the National Park Passport its really boring, almost school geography book. It doesn't have the aesthetics that would get people reading or viewing it for long.  
I picked up loads of material that I can embrace with the photographs which hopefully will look good together with a lot of development to finalise layouts.  

 I decided today to think about how I can approach this Idea of an Artist book/journal. I can see layering of imagery and paper texture could work really well as overall design. Linking back to Franks its all in black and white - tried this with this buy printing it out and scanning it back in to see the effects, I think this could work, however I did print it out on draft black and white which the print lost it tone within the photograph underneath. This is something I experiment with most designs. 
The work by Lynne Perrella she has used lots of colours and different layering effects with paint and her hand made type stencils, for an experimental purposes I am going to try pages similar to her work. 
I can see the photocopier working within this project to gain different ways of  placing work upon the pace. 

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