Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Trip To America

The trip to America with my sister Holly wasn't intended, it was more of a last minute decision between the family.
Whilst being over there I tried to gather enough material to use within the American project. The weather was all over the place as it always is in February and March, going around town to get some gritty photography was difficult, it was either grey and dark or rain, sleet and snow pretty much all the weather under sun I experienced in one week of being there.
Going around Warrensburg to try and capture some of the down town area (it's not all like this around here) I tried to find random objects and buildings that looked worn down. I don't know why I did this but it seemed right,  it maybe down to films and how it portrays America? When i first went to America I thought it was going to be like in the films, glamourised and pretty, don't get me wrong there are places like that, however some areas aren't that pretty or even nice to be in. This is why I tried to find some broken and graffiti areas to take photographs.

I found this down an alley and I couldn't help not to take photo of it, I think it works because its unexpected and hiding. The person that crated it almost didn't want you to discovery it. The way the robot has been stuck within the box almost gives it a frame, which I think works rather nicely.  

Being a small town I was surprised by the amount of graffiti about, I don't know why but I was drawn to this door with stickers and what appears to be a tag. I took a photo of the section of the door because I thought it looked better in a design look, there was almost too much going on, however cropping the images to this section works really well. The lines within the door frame and cladding makes a boring piece look better presented.

These are some of photos I took on a walk around Warrensburg, I could add more but the photos uploaded I feel were the strongest. I don't know why but the electric meters look really nice, the grid format could possibly be the reason why it works as a photo. The graffiti really separates the left from the right meters. The image reminds me of machinery around an industrial work place. 
The ice formed upon the middle photograph was amazing. The meter was covered in ice, I guess this shows how cold it got whilst I was over there. 
The third photograph above has human characteristics, I don't know if you can see it? The abstract forms within this image works with the snow, almost highlights areas that if the snow wasn't there the photograph wouldn't work.

These are 2 pages from the research journal. I decided to write about my flight from Heathrow to Newark, Newark to Kansas City. I also used material that I could get my hands on in Holly and Chad's house, the only problem was there wasn't much material so I was restricted. I found collaging labels and envelopes together produce designs. This way of working was inspired by the book 

All Messed Up: Unpredictable Graphics by Anna Gerber

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  1. This is really reflective and the composition of the journals is spot on.