Friday, 29 April 2011


Created these  a couple of weeks ago but haven't had time to upload them, pretty much a response to the 3D journal pages we created.
For an exhibition idea, I could make other cut outs for the best parts of the road trip and mount on the wall space, that is if there is wall space available to go along side the journal.

I decided to use times new roman as the type face, the reason being for this is i think it fits in nicely, another font I do not feel it would fit within. Using cardboard is a brilliant media, the ability of being able to remove the top layer to reveal the corrugate card works really well to create texture and shadow. Cardboard is somewhat boring with out exposing the flutes.  

The moose is an ionic part of road trip in Yellowstone. I created the moose the same way I made the outline of the 3D letters. This isn't finished yet, I am yet to finish cutting the type into the card and to expose the card to create rocks ect. 

Linking back to the unpredictable graphics book I was looking at by Anna Gerber, I didn't realise there was text on the back of the card. I just used the cardboard my Dad brought back from work and cut it out and didn't see what was on the back of it, I should of looked really however this doesn't as I am using the other side of the card. 

Linking back to the 3D journal we made I could see thees cardboard cut outs working in a camera view form, for exampling slowly sliding in with a camera which would create depth of field, also the use of light would create great shadow, form and texture. This could almost be a walk through of the most memorial parts of the road trip.

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