Monday, 23 May 2011


 I crated this when creating the arches cutout.  I originally traced a blown up version of the Arches national park post card - that I uploaded earlier on, then used a black marker to trace on my light box. I had to add this tracing because it looked right, I don't know why but when I scanned it into photoshop then added the wood path it looked really good. Almost an artists response to Arches National Park, I know this was by chance this happened but I feel it looks really nice and wasn't something to go un noticed. 

The process is exactly the same way I crated the 3D letter, save as PDF file - open - print - tile print - change percentage depending on sizing - Print. Cut margins off - place together like a puzzle - lightly spray. spray mount onto paper - stick - cut - peal off. Done. Same process as type face. 

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