Thursday, 5 May 2011

Just In Case

I wanted more of a personal touch to this playing card project by using wooden block type and lino cuts for type. I know wooden block type is ready to use in the print room however it doesn't teach you how to cut with accuracy and to create sharp edges in wood and lino. I guess I am slowly making my own collection of type that I can use through out the course. 
I have really enjoyed using the gouges and chisels to cut out the type. It only takes one slip to ruin it all, cut too much the letter doesn't look right, not enough doesn't look right. Takes time to cut but I do like working this method it gives great results when done correctly. 

To go through all this effort and time, I am not entirely sure if this will work with what I have in mind with the playing cards that I have designed and planning to print, never less  its all working process and good experience with lino and work cutting. 

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