Monday, 23 May 2011


So I got around to using the wooden block type faces I made and the lino cuts. I am really please with the overall result, the scans are of me experiementing with the pressure and getting the wadding (newspaper) correct under the press. So these aren't the best prints I successfully did, however it does show how well it works. 

The 'K' and 'Q' king and queen are cut into lino and I feel do not work work with the wooden cut jack and three. The left over lino creating that sketchy look to the print I think looks really nice and as a print work really well however adding to a playing card I may have to cut the excess away to match with the wooden cut type. Time will tell if it works or if doesn't, it will include some  time within the print room, but this inevitable as what I have learnt over this first year. 

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