Sunday, 23 October 2011

Coming to America Project

Final scrapbook and 3-D journal. End of Year.

I am very pleased of being able to do this project and putting all the photos and journal notes together into one book. It is something I will be able to keep it and look back on it in the future. 

The 3-D journal was a piece I made in The Shed in a massive cardboard box. This was an exercise I learnt in class, and thought it was a really good idea to use the main places visited whilst on the road trip into iconic pieces. Using a site light and a camera it produced really good photographs. The light and shadow formed in the flutes and cut out letters really made the experience great when photographing.
I made many mock-ups of this book to get the lay out correctly and what photographs worked with one another. I decided to go with hand binding it all together, the reason being is because all the cut outs I did were really time consuming and very fragile. Also the whole book has a sense of a hand made piece - whereas the scrapbook I wanted a spiral bound because I wrote all my notes down in a spiral bond sketchbook on the road, I thought it had a nice relation to one another. 

The scrapbook pages were mainly random and not thought of as much, however there were pages that I took time to layout because of places we visited either portrayed it that way e.g. Little BigHorn Battlefield.  The scrapbook is also either landscape or portrait the reason behind this was to resemble of the ups and downs we had the road.
The materials used throughout were either recycled that I found laying about or from the trip scan multiple times. Linking back to All Messed Up, I wanted to produce random graphics by scanning maps and brochures we picked up on our way. 

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