Sunday, 23 October 2011

Year 2 Grammar and Punctuation

As a class we were to design a page each using the symbol given to us. Each page will explain and illustrate or demonstrate a grammatical or punctuation issue. I was given a Semicolon to experiment with and see what I could produce. This exercise is all about risk taking and pushing designs in places that do not feel comfortable. 

Before I decided to do any designs I drew a semicolon into my sketchbook and looked at the shape to see if I could create anything from what I could see and sure enough there was an circus elephant with a beach ball.

Using a technique I learnt in my first year. I decided to print off Times New Roman Semicolon and draw around it in pencil. I then took a biro and started to draw an elephant free hand around the comma. I tried to make the lines crisp as possible as well as being slightly sketchy. After the elephant was drawn I began to draw a cartoon beach ball. 
I was now left with a black outline of an elephant and a beach ball. Scanning this into PhotoShop, I used a work path to make the lines look like an engraving. I was now left with a nice thick black outline. 
Using the magic wand and different layers I was able to play around with colours until it looked correct. Each colour had a different layer thus making it easier to play around with colour. I also labeled each layer so it was quick to refer to whilst editing.

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