Thursday, 29 September 2011

As the installation project went so well, I decided to create The Shed out of the spare cardboard left over. The type face is Helvetica Bold, the reason in choosing this type face is due to how it looks and how easy it is to cut. The curves are far easier to cut than a type face with serifs, which I learnt from making the 'New Roman' letter 'P'. Used exactly the same techniques as before, using print outs however this time I made tabs so all I had to do was cut through one later of the card and fold then glue. 
This overall piece will either be sprayed red or left as it and mounted upon the wall in the shed. 
More photos to come later on. 

Cardboard City

Installation Project - Cardboard City. This Installation was made for the end of year show, the idea was that students produce an object, anything that comes to mind. The idea of the building was to represent how designers work with girds, the grids being the windows cut out of the buildings and the shapes of the building. I also made a letter and number, as graphic designers we all work with numbers and letters  which fit in nicely with this installation. I made this amount in The Shed because I had a lot of cardboard left over and not to use it would of been a shame. 
Overall I am really pleased with what I had produced in The Shed and the buildings my class made too, looked really good.  

Hindsight 2011 End of Year Show Photographs

 Year 1 playing card project
 Year 1 Coming to America Project
 Cardboard City Installation 

Photographs of Colchester Institute Graphic Media year 0 - 2 End Of Year Exhibition.

Overall I thought the show looked brilliant and went very well indeed. I must admit talking about work really helps to break the ice when your talking to people you've never met. The impression gained from the public that came in to see the show was highly positive. It is nice to be involved with something like this, it gives you a goal at the end of the year.

Photographs from a disposable camera.