Monday, 27 February 2012

Final Photography With Packaging

Violin: Tools Of The Trade

The main idea of this piece was inspired by David Hockney, however the reason of taking photographs like this is to represent the process of making a violin. The misjointed photography piece suggests the beginning of the violin at it's raw state. Another representation of this piece would be the way the violin is played, it can be violently played which links to the cubism of this. 

Year 2 Grammar and Punctuation continued

As an idea I made a stencil of times new roman semi colon and sprayed it upon a broken bird bath. It links to the detail rather well on the edge of the broken concrete, it has that roman era. I think the composition of this is different to the other ideas I came up with, and this is why this was the final layout in the end.

Developed Elephant semi colon. The reason for this is I thought that the elephant on it's own didn't look right, however making this circle filled the page a little better, yet I am not sure about the size of the ball now compared to the weight of the elephant heads. 

The Shed

I decided to continue making 3-D letters throughout the summer holiday to make use of the cardboard and the skills that I had developed whilst producing the buildings for the end of year show. It felt a shame to throw away the cardboard so I made use of what I had left. 
I am not entirely sure what colour and designs will appear on the letters, however they will be mounted upon the wall. 

Year 1 Advertising With Photography

Two of the best ad campaigns I produced for my advertising with photography class.

Year 1 Final Movie Poster

Final Year 1 movie poster, bit of a delay putting this on here. 
The background yellow was created by pulling a squeegee through yellow paint to create the texture. Then screen printed the black 'mean streets' and 'a Martin Scoresese film'. After that I used the other exposed screen to print the grey text.