Thursday, 15 March 2012

World Changing Wonders

Bookworks with Printmaking class.

The concept behind this class is to create a book and a set of prints that depict a 'World Changing Wonder'. I decided to go down the root of Oil the reason being is due to the idea of it running out and disputes been created over it. As its such a broad area and there is a lot to do with oil I thought I could make some good prints. 

The above images are of piece I cut out of card and then exposed onto a screen to print. The only problem   was the exposure time, this can be seen in the top image. I don't think this is a major problem, I almost think it adds to the over all design. The reason for printing onto jeans was to link back to workmen that work with pumping oil out of the ground, perhaps next I could print onto a suit maybe with a different illustration. Old pair of jeans with paint marks suggests how grimy the job is. 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Keep Colchester Cycling

Sketchbook photos showing the process of the idea for Keep Colchester Cycling. The brief was to come up with an idea or ideas for a 20" MiniWheeler. I decided to keep the idea close, taking inspiration from the Army Barracks in Colchester. 

I decided to use toy soldiers as a pattern for the bike frame. It was only in photoshop and experimenting that if I layer it, it produces a camouflage effect. So I decided to change the colour of each layer to create the camo look e.g. green, black, yellows ect. 

Looking at army imagery helped me to produce and come up with ideas for the overall look of the bike

Here I made a stencil to see if it could be applied to a stencil format. It can work however it needs development before its finalised. 

The type face used 'Capture It' web found type from, however this can be applied to a bike by cutting it out and sprayed which I was thinking more about and the visual look would suggest that army look. 

Coming up with the crest design was hard, as I knew what I wanted to archive with the shape however getting the colour to look right wasn't so simple. Trying to produce the solider to look like a paratrooper was difficult due to the shape, and the alining wasn't working so well. I decided to take inspiration from the Parachute Regiment logo and incorporate it with the '20' reflecting the bikes name. I then changed the wording to Colchester MiniWheeler Division for a quirky touch.  

Mentor Me

The task was to produce something to use as as a discussion point when meeting the mentors. It could range from an object to a mini portfolio. 

I made all of this out of recycled cardboard. Refer to how I have made other letters in the past as it is the exact same process.

I decided to use old photographs that I hadn't used and I used a really old inkjet printer and scanner to produce prints. This gave some of the images a gritty look. The toner was also on its way out so it was a great process as it was producing strange hint images.

I decided to make 'HELLO', as you generally say hello when you meet someone. But also paste photographs I had taken over the past 5 years to represent me.