Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pairs Condom Branding

The brief was to create a brand for discreet condom packaging. The name 'Pairs' came about through the idea of a couple and I also wanted the condom packets to contain two condoms which would link back to the branding 'Pairs'. The shape of the logo was to resemble the shape a condom which also links back to the letter 'A' 

The campaign started by the idea of, where the condom can be used. So I cam up with the locations. The posters are A3 and the circles are the size of the condom packets 50mm, so the poster has a realistic touch. 

The idea of using a brick wall, stones and grass - to resemble the idea of camouflage the condom, for example if a person was to drop a condom on the floor it would be obvious what it is, however with these - it makes the audience wonder what they are.   


I firstly decided to make a key ring to store the condom. I designed a key ring as it is something that you would have on you all the time, this suggesting that you have no excuse not to carry a condom. The tag line of the key ring was 'Play it safe' which is a play on words and object, as its a poker chip.

I looked through my girlfriends handbag to think of where you could hide a condom out of the site. The compact mirror is an object that girls usually have in their handbag - so I made a mirror with a compartment under mirror to store one of the condoms. 

Here is the main packaging. It is a slider concept, push and pull. The idea of the condoms just rip off and can be stored in either key ring or compact mirror. I decided to use the concept where you can use the condom and also if the person was to drop it, not everyone would know what it is.

The information leaflet is stuck inside, the consumer would have to open the packaging up to gain the information upon it.

Again I played on the campaign 'on the...' with the leaflet title 'getting it on...' 

Hand drawn step by step then edited within illustrator to gain the desired effects.

Adding a small amount of advertising on the back of the leaflet to promote other forms of designs.