Saturday, 23 June 2012

GreyFriars Boutique Hotel

The brief set by OMC Investments Limited - To create an identity and image for a unique 4 Star Boutique Hotel, Bar and Restaurant in Central Colcheter which will be formed in the magnificent complex of Grade ||* and Grade || listed buildings currently know as Grey Friars, All Saints and Hillcrest.

As the building was built in the 18th century Laura and myself decided to use the English Typeface Baskerville to represent this throughout our branding and identity. 

Logo - Using the lower case Baskerville type face we were able to combine the G and F in a join, which made a really nice identity. 

Following the logo 'GF' I decided to continue with the flow and create floral letter heads

Please Do Not Disturb and Please Make Room - this was more of a concept idea for the clients at OMC investments. The signs would be made from engraved wood and hung by chains off the door.

Business cards front and back. It would be made with the duplexing method one colour one side and a different colour the other. 

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